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The Golden Oyster Size: 2.92 x 2.32 Pearl - 0.76 Price: SOLD
"The Golden Oyster" Size: 2.92" x 2.32" Pearl - 0.76"" Price: SOLD
by Brian Bowden
Carlingford Oyster Festival 2012
Carlingford Oyster Festival 2012
by Mairéad
18/10/2008 dinner
18/10/2008 dinner
by Lo Yer
Ringo's Beatle Kit #4
Ringo's Beatle Kit #4
by James V. Roy

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Oyster and Pearl Roundabout, Al Ruweis
The Pearl Oyster Bar New Orleans
Seeding an oyster with a grain of sand to produce a pearl at a pearl farm in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
Black Pearl seeding the oyster
the best seafood platter, white pearl oyster, cherry clam, lobster, sweet pawn & jade snail, resonable price
Close to the Museum of Islamic Art, is this fountain in the form of an oyster with a pearl.
The next day, we went to a pearl factory where a man demonstrated how to shuck an oyster.
Pinctada margaritifera 01
RGM 0681.jpg
RGM 0683.jpg
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